Flee The Bonds, the first book in the Provenance saga is now available.

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Ercurial are proud to announce the debut novel by V.J.Kavanagh

Faced with extinction, humanity pushed the boundaries of genetic engineering – unfortunately, they pushed too hard.

Continuity are the privileged one million who have bought the right to leave a doomed Earth aboard the space ship Provenance. The descendents of those who could not afford genetic purification must accept their fate and await the arrival of the comet. They are the Drones, the founding members of the Resistance. It is now 2119, humanity is divided, and at war, a fact exploited by a new species of genetically engineered humans with an apocalyptic agenda. Only one aggressor can win the battle for Provenance and restart its sabotaged engines. Steve is aware that his love for a Drone conflicts with his duty to protect Continuity. What he doesn’t know is that he is the key to humanity’s salvation, — all he has to do is stay alive.

“I was intrigued and the book kept me fascinated with the story and what was going to unfold.”

“When I had about 40 pages left I couldn't put it down as I wanted to know what happened.”

20:09 Fri 20:10:2119

Bureau 03-12-01, Provenance, LEO

Backlit viewscreens lined the walls of the austere bureau, their blank displays looking out across an expanse of shadow to an immense crescent shaped black table doused in light.

Recessed within the high ceiling, two parallel lines of twelve spotlights followed the table’s curvature. The inner beams sank into the table’s glossy surface, while each outer beam cast down on a black high backed chair.

Two were occupied.

Both men wore mandarin collared tunics, one of black and indigo, the other silver. To the casual observer their complexions bore the insipid hallmark of Provenance’s permanent crew members, but on closer inspection the spotlight’s glare revealed the unblemished polymer skin of the man uniformed in black, less so his synthetic stubble. He spoke first.

‘Have you read the interrogation transcript?’

‘I have.’ The human raised an eyebrow. ‘Did they survive?’

Crease lines formed at the corners of polymer lips, revealing the glint of ceramic teeth. ‘The wife fared better than the husband, but yes, they survived.’

‘Good, we may yet need them. Which one broke?’

‘Neither, the information came from their other son.’

The human frowned. ‘I thought he’d died years ago.’

‘He did.’ The polymer smile broadened. ‘So they made a new one. Would you like to meet him?’

‘I don’t think that would be wise.’

Polymer coated fingers tapped the keypad shimmering beneath the table’s surface. ‘Do not be concerned Councilman. No one but I knows your identity.’

All around them, viewscreens flickered into a picture of a white tiled room. A bare chested man lay strapped to a surgical chair, his arms raised by extended armrests.

The Councilman leant forward and looked up at the viewscreen opposite. ‘What is that in his chest?’

‘That is the key, or at least half of it. We believe the other dolphin acts as a trigger once it is paired with its twin.’

‘How sentient is he?’

‘Very. Although all moral constraints can be overridden to protect his brother.’

The Councilman leant back and rested his clasped hands on the table. ‘When his brother is activated it is us who will require protection, and that Morton is our conundrum. If we kill them now we will never leave orbit.’

‘What do you mean? All we have to do is find the other dolphin and extract the code.’

The Councilman smiled. ‘Being artificial puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to paternal instincts.’ He swivelled to face the black and indigo uniform. ‘Their parents want them both to survive, so they have devised a strategy to accomplish just that. I suspect the dolphins can only be triggered by Stephen Arrowsbury and the only way he will do that is if we find a way of introducing him to his new brother. Far from killing him, you must protect him — at least for now.’


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